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How Mold Spores and Mycotoxins Affect the Body
Written by Susan Lillard   
Monday, 13 June 2011 17:40

Mold spores are in the air everywhere looking for the moisture required to grow. Water from a shower, a leaky faucet or toilet provides all the moisture needed for them to grow and multiply. If dampened wood or sheetrock is not dried out within 24-48 hours, mold will grow! Usually by the time mold becomes visible, it has already established colonies inside your walls, ceilings and/or floors. It starts affecting human occupants long before it becomes visible.

Mold spores and the mycotoxins they produce are far from harmless. Some of them are extremely dangerous, especially when concentrated inside a building such as a home, workplace or school. The longer a person, especially a child, is in a building where there are concentrated levels of a toxic mold, the more their health will be affected.

ANY element entering your body will have an effect on the chemistry of your body. How much toxic molds affect the chemistry of people is dependent on a number of factors:

  1. The particular species of toxic mold. Different molds affect different people in different ways.
  2. The concentration level of the various molds inside the home, workplace or school.
  3. The length of exposure.
  4. Your genetic susceptibility. 24% of us are genetically more susceptible.
  5. The level of mold fungi already accumulated inside your body.

The human body has difficulty cleaning mold fungi from the mucous membranes throughout the human body, even under normal circumstances. When a person is exposed to heightened levels of mold, especially toxic mold, the cleaning systems are fighting a losing battle. More and more mold fungi and their mycotoxins accumulate at a rate faster than the cleaning systems are able to clean them out of the body. This overloads the cleaning systems, especially the lungs and the liver. The incoming mold fungi get deep into the lungs and inhibit the lungs from getting required amounts of oxygen needed by the body. The liver is overloaded trying to process all the mycotoxins out of the body. If the accumulating levels of mold fungi and their mycotoxins are not reversed, it will inevitably lead to degenerative damaging of the liver.

Since the beginning of time molds have been Mother Nature's recyclers of all biological material. It is the job of mold to decompose, degenerate, and break down all biological components to their basic elements and return them to Mother Earth, from whence they came. Dust to Dust. The cycle of life. And we are biological.

Mold Fungi need two things to grow; moisture and biological nutrients. Structural molds suck the moisture and nutrients out of building materials like sheetrock and wood. Sheetrock then crumbles, and wood degenerates into dry rot. Where there is dry rot there is a mold problem. Mold is what turned that wood into dry rot.

In people, especially children, these same structural molds can suck the moisture and nutrients right out of the body. Although this degenerative process is more complex in the human body than in sheetrock or wood, these same molds still attempt to do their job. Our bodies provide all the moisture and nutrients, such as carbohydrates, which molds need to survive and grow. They deplete the body of moisture, causing dry skin and scalps. Dandruff is a fungal condition. This is why dandruff shampoos have an antifungal ingredient.

They love carbohydrates, depleting the body of them. This leaves the body craving sugar carbohydrates. It is better to replace the depleted carbohydrates with green vegetables. Mold fungi are non-chlorophyll in nature, and don't like a chlorophyll rich environment. Replacing the depleted carbohydrates with sugars feeds them, making them stronger.

The human body is always trying to adjust to changing environmental conditions. Toxins such as mycotoxins are stored in the fat tissues. The more mycotoxins and other toxins accumulating inside the body, the more fat the body will produce to store the toxins in. Every fat reduction program should include a detoxification program. If you reduce the fat without reducing the toxins, the body will grow the fat right back to store the toxins in.

In nature, it is all about survival. To them we are simply a supply of moisture and biolological nutrients they require to survive. As they consume moisture and nutrients from our bodies, it puts in motion a chain reaction of cause and effects, degenerating the human body. Underneath the complex spiderweb of cause and effects is the underlying causations of mold fungi just doing their job.

There are three ways toxic mold degenerates the human body:

Molds Dehydrating the Human Body

The first way toxic mold degenerates the human body is dehydration. This is due to their sucking the moisture out of the body for their own use. This contributes to a state of under-hydration in the body. Often this is further complicated by consumption of dehydration substances, such as caffeine soda, coffee or alcohol. The human body can survive longer without food than it can survive without water (H2O). Water (H2O) is one of the two main ways the human body takes in the oxygen it requires, in order to stay generative.

Mycotoxins Damaging the Brain and Central Nervous System

The second way toxic mold degenerates the human body is the production of mycotoxins, which mold fungi use to kill off their microbial competitors. These mycotoxins are very harmful, as they damage the brain and central nervous system. This is why they concentrate and weaponize some of these same structural molds, which are found in homes, workplaces and schools, into some of the most powerful biological weapons on earth, the T-2 Mycotoxins.

Studying what these mycotoxin biological weapons do to people within 2-4 hours of contact, gives us an end-case picture of what those same molds do to a person in their normal state, over a longer period of time. This is especially true when these mycotoxins are enclosed inside a home, workplace or school, concentrating the mycotoxins to dangerous levels.

Immune Complexes Interrupting the Circulatory System

The third way toxic mold degenerates the human body is interruption of the circulatory system by immune complexes. In reaction to the mold fungi invading the human body the immune system forms immune complexes, or antigen-antibody complexes. They combine the mold antigen with their antibody to form these complexes. These immune complexes seek out and destroy the microbial invaders. The more mold fungi entering the body, the more immune complexes formed, and the more immune complexes circulating in the blood circulatory system.

Since the mold antigen is so large these particular immune complexes end up being so large they often get stuck in, and block, the smaller capillaries. The blood capillaries are noodle-like passages used to get oxygenated blood from the arteries to the cells and tissues. The cells and tissues require an adequate flow rate of oxygenated blood to repair themselves and generate to live. This restriction of the blood flow rate, with the blood's life-giving element of oxygen, causes the cells and tissues to degenerate and die. With the heart continuing to pump blood, the pressure of blood building up behind these blockages can contribute to high blood pressure, and increase the possibility of a stroke or heart attack. They also dramatically impair the body's ability to heal, especially in the muscle and skeletal system.

The bottom line is this. We accumulate mold fungi in our bodies faster than our bodies are able to clean them out, even under normal circumstances. If we live in an environment where the levels of mold fungi are concentrated at high levels, they will accumulate in our bodies even faster. Inside a home, workplace or school with a mold problem, the accumulation of mold fungi in our bodies accelerates at a rate corresponding to;

  1. the qualitative strength(type of mold)
  2. the quantitative strength(concentration level)
  3. the duration of your exposure and
  4. the level of previously accumulated mold fungi in your body.

The main route toxic molds use to enter and accumulate inside the human body is;

Airborne Exposures Affecting the Respiratory System

Men and women are affected differently due to their physiological differences and many generations of evolutionary adaptation to our environments.

*This site is not intended to give medical advice.  Seek the advice of a professional for medication, treatment options, and complete knowledge of any illness.  The opinions expressed here are exclusively my personal opinions do not necessarily reflect my peers or professional affiliates. The information here does not reflect professional advice and is not intended to supersede the professional advice of others



# 2011-06-14 13:30
i've been drinking bird nest soup every night (i only get the homemade kind back at home). the only reason why i drink it is because it's supposed to be good for complexion.

i’ve been taking the store-bought kind online (e.g. of famous branded only of course) which is directly mailed from Hong Kong. this would be at a more affordable price.
# Debra 2012-10-16 16:34
????And, what does "bird nest soup" have to do with Black Mold destroying the body, as it is mine, my husband and daughter? We need help, and to change the subject is of no help, and "bird nest soup" sounds extremely disgusting, and not worth checking it out. Your complection has nothing to do with mold killing my family!!
# Laura 2012-10-29 15:21
I was just watching "know the Cause" maybe you should check out "The Fungus Connection" by Doug Kaufman. He talks about what it can do to your health and has an anti-fungal Food plan. Ill probably buy the book myself to fix our fungal problems.
# Laura 2012-10-29 15:29
Btw... Birds nest soup? One word...histoplasmosis. It's from the birdie poo and you wanna make it into a soup? You may be better served using a beta glucan to increase your health and balance out your immune response.
# Carmen 2012-12-31 16:02
# Maggie 2013-01-17 03:32
If you feel better when you're not home it could be mold. We found black mold in our apt last week so we vacated immediately, lost all our furniture. Husband & I are now sick, I broke out in hives everywhere even my scalp, neck & ears got a nasty infection. Raw garlic, ginger root, cayanne pepper & vitamin D have helped me a little. I read you have to kill the fungi from the inside with the right foods. Steroids & antibiotics only make it worse. The itching is the worst and my once Italian oily skin is so bone dry it's starting to crack. Avoid alchol, flour products, peanut butter, wheat, grain, soy sauce,& milk since they all trigger allergic reactions. Dr's can't give you anti fungal drugs because they kill your liver & kidney's. Putting on the AC or heat will make mold worse since it blow's the spores everywhere. The black mold was under our bedroom carpet which is why we were worse whenever we hung out in that bedroom, good thing we pulled the rug up & saw the mold. Good luck I pray you don't have mold,it can ruin your health forever.
# Carmen Frenkel 2013-03-03 17:45
How can I find a doctor in Southern California to treat me with severe mold toxin poisioning. I am meeting up with doctors that don't believe my severe high blood pressure and other serious symptons are the cause of the mold found in our home. I have done so much research I feel I know more than they do.
# Bonnie welch 2013-03-23 15:24
I have found an herb called Jatoba that is helping with some of the symptoms.
# DeLois Turner 2013-04-24 01:15
I was also exposed to Mycotoxiens started having trouble with Gall Bladder which had never happen before, fatty liver, hair falling out. Still having trouble with my sinus. What got me through was first cleaning out my body with a detox from health food store and getting the hell out of there. Most primary care doctors know very little about this problem because it is a environmental problem and if you're older it attacks your body in the way most aged problems do and the doctors think or add it up to you're getting older. Any problem you have it will make it worse plus creating new ones. First get out of where ever you are now living load yourself down with lots of dark green vegetable which have lots of charcoal in them which will help you to detox. Drink plenty of water and don't eat sweets, sugar, white flower try to eat all natural foods without additive.
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