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Mold Problems for Renters
Written by Susan Lillard   
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 01:28
mold in home is dangerousIn the past few weeks we have been receiving a large number of questions from renters because of unresolved mold problems with their landlord.  Many of these people are sick and have no funds to move or are locked into a lease.  In 10 years I have yet to see a landlord who remediates a mold problem properly due to the expense and trouble.

Although I cannot dispense legal advice I can tell you what others have done in this situation.

  • They self-test the mold to determine if it is poisonous and what the health effects are.  A good test kit is available through Mould-Works Lab (216-735-2937).  This report is a good method to scientifically determine the genre and species.
  • They photograph the mold problem and water damage.
  • They gather any medical reports that are affiliated with the mold problem which can be corroborated by the mold report.
  • After gathering the above mentioned materials, they file suit in small claims court.

This is not a perfect plan but it in a perfect world this wouldn’t happen.  It is also important that you and your family are not experiencing a mold problem in school or place of work.

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