How To Find Your Mold Problem – A Homeowner’s Guide

4 signs that you have a mold problem:


oisture Moisture can be caused by a number of different factors including condensation from HVAC systems, persistent humidity, plumbing failures, flooding, or a number of other sources.  If you see moisture, chances are you already have a mold problem.


dor Ever noticed a musty smell that just won’t go away no matter how much you clean?  Sometimes molds are hidden and cannot be seen. A musty or earthy smell often indicates that mold is hiding, but a smell may not be present for all molds.


eaking – This goes hand-in-hand with moisture.  A leaky roof or pipe in your home is a sure source of food for mold.  If you see leaking water, fix it fast! It is important to dry water damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.


iscolorationThe only sure sign that you have mold is if there is visible growth.  Mold comes in all colors and textures, so if you notice a change in color on drywall, studs, carpet, concrete, or other building materials, you almost certainly have a mold infestation.

If you’ve identified any of these symptoms, it’s time to determine how much mold is growing:

Small Areas – Mold is considered to cover a “small area” if the patch is no larger than ten square feet.  Small areas can easily be cleaned by using UrthPRO™, household rubber gloves and a dust mask for protection. Refer to Small Area Mold Clean-Up for the procedure.  Small moldy areas in homes may become larger over time, if ignored, so it’s important to clean up and remove even small patches of mold.

Moderate Areas — The mold area is considered “moderate” if there are more than three patches, each patch smaller than ten square feet, or there is one or more isolated patches larger than 10 square feet but smaller than 32 square feet (size of a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood or drywall). Assessment by a professional is recommended, but you can clean up moderate amounts of mold but you must follow the proper procedures and use the proper protective equipment.  Refer to Moderate Area Mold Clean-Up for the procedure.

Extensive Areas — A mold area is considered “extensive” if a single patch of mold is larger in area than a sheet of plywood (32 square feet).  Being exposed to this much mold is not a good idea. Do not attempt to clean up large areas of mold yourself.  You need professional help to determine why the mold is there in the first place and how to clean it up.

When should you seek professional help?

You may need professional help when:

  • There is a lot of mold
  • The home is very damp and moist
  • Mold comes back after repeated cleaning
  • A family member suffers from asthma or respiratory problems or other health problems that appear to be aggravated inside the home

How do you get professional help?

A trained Restoration Professional who operates a private business and sells his/her services can examine the indoor air quality of your home and document your concerns.  They are trained to identify moisture problems, find their sources and suggest solutions.  Recommendations are usually provided to you in an action plan that consists of various options to improve the indoor air quality in your home.  Restoration Professionals are usually trained to handle a number of different “disaster” situations besides mold such as sewage backups and fire damage cleanup.  For help finding a Restoration Professional, refer to How To Hire A Mold Contractor.



# 2011-02-27 19:11
May one use UrthPro on showers, toilets and sinks in bathrooms?Have mold, bacteria, or fungus in all these areas. Clean them and in a week or so the black stuff is back. Grows in the bathroom sink faucets! Have never had this problem before. Would appreciate your comment.
# UrthPRO 2011-02-28 15:28
Hello June.

Yes, UrthPRO is great on showers, toilets and sinks. The problem in the faucet, is this around the base of the faucet where it connects to the countertop? This may be caused by a leak within your faucet that you may want to have a plumber take a look at. Also, if you're seeing a recurring problem in your grout, you may need to clean it thoroughly with UrthPRO, let it dry completely and seal your grout with a grout sealer which can be found at your local hardware store. Hope that helps!
# 2011-06-10 17:49
Hello UrthPRO.
I was searching for info on mold and I found these messages. I've been cleaning a very old church since 1994 and for the past few years I have felt very different whenever I am in the building. I suspected mold but because I didn't see it I wasn't sure. The place was flooded about 4 times in the past few weeks and Lord knows how many times before that and the walls are covered with mold. I have been suffering with bad allergy, headaches, bloody nose,also feel like having memory loss for at least 4 years now, also breathing problems and asthma like symptoms. Yesterday I cleaned again the place was so badly covered with mold, the bathroom cabinets are rotten & moldy. While I did the cleaning I had to go out many times to get fresh air, at times I felt like I couldn't breathe.Years ago my doctor told me I have allergy which I already knew and bought allergy medicine, now my question is could mold cause all this? Now seeing these messages it worries me that I may have suffered and having all of these health problems for all these years probably because of that moldy place. Should I consider to be tested? Both of my kids have similar symptoms especially headaches and allergy.I have breathing problem, headaches, and just feeling lethargic for days after I am cleaning there, and now have red itchy eyes as I have this very often lately . Please respond ASAP.My e-mail is: this way I will get your response for sure.
Thank you,
# UrthPRO 2011-06-13 17:48

The symptoms you've described can definitely be attributed to mold exposure. You should consult your physician to discuss the possible implications, and if possible avoid going near the infested area to limit your exposure...especially if you've been diagnosed as allergic.

We recommend you also contact a professional in your area to discuss how to properly mitigate the mold growth that you've described, as the damage may be more extensive than the naked eye can see. Especially in a public venue such as a church, it's important to have the problem addressed immediately so as not to expose others to the potentially harmful infestation.

We hope this information helps, and if you need further assistance please let us know.
# tessica ussery 2012-11-13 02:25
I live in a apartment i no its mold in her but when i tell my landlord he say use bleach he also say that he had someone to come look at it a long time ago and they told him it would not hurt anyone but the truth of the matter is i dont no much about mold but I do no that my new born baby has been sick every since that small has acured i also have been sick myself.Can u please try to get intouch with me as soon as possible to help me with this problem if u can will u call me ASAP please my number is 7049740725 my name is Tessica Ussery please call me
# angelsramoungus7@aol 2012-01-12 17:44
Please listen to me ,you must leave your home,mold will kill you. I know it is hard to do but leave it.It is poisioning you. Mold is a fungus which will attack every organ in your residence. Google mold doctors. Get someone to go in with a mask if you want to retreive your pictures. I would suggest since mold spores are not visible the house is a sick house ,please if you value your own life then leave it and get medical help.
# angelsramoungus7@aol 2012-01-12 17:49
mold will attack every organ in your body ,sorry it was meant to say body and you residence is not safe at all for anyone .Please get out of house and get to a doctor.Mold treatment centers of America can point you in the right direction for mold doctors in your state.
# carolyn 2012-04-06 04:02
I was searching to figure out my house,
about mold, I've livehere for 3 yrs. now,
I've got afib, and now I have pains in
my stomach when I cough, and read what you said, like you were talking to me, it's weird, but helped me realized my house too is sick, thank you.
# Inspector David Snel 2012-06-04 01:39
I would recommend a certified mold inspector come to your home if you think you might have mold issues.
He or she can take samples to send in to the lab for testing to determine if you have dangerous mold.
David Snell
In business since 1987
# tiffany 2012-07-13 01:27
Hello,David I live in a apartment,every time it rain it rains in my apartment.Its black &brown circles in the ceiling consistent with mold,I've reported this problem yet and still no repairs have not been made. I've been having head aches and trouble breathing. I've been dealing with this situation since Feb.2012, What should i do now?
# David Snell 2013-07-05 18:58
What is your phone number and we will call you?
# Jerry Dodson 2013-02-18 20:25
My grandson was renting a house at his university. No one lived there during the summer. When he went back he got sick and had to go to the doctor. We thought that it was just his allergies. Later we saw mold growing along the baseboard. It was growing up the back of sofas and chairs and even on his mattress. The realty would not break his lease until we started getting tough. They just painted over the mold but I am sure that if you looked in out of the way places you would find mold. Unfortunately no one will help us. The health department in that little town says it is private property and they cannot get involved. Is there an agency that will help us. My daughter was a single parent with heavy financial burdens since she had two boys in the university. The realty co is taking us to court.
Woul appreciate any help.
Jerry Dodson
# Lesley Roberts 2013-05-21 10:51
i have mushrooms growing out of my bathroom wall is this mold,,
# Carmen Labitre 2013-08-20 05:45
Hello there, im curious to know how much to have a professional certified mold inspector charges to inspect my house. I saw a lot of black molds in all my house batroom sinks, orange molds in my bathtub floor and big black molds underneath my kitchen sink. Please help me what to do. Thanks! Carmen
# dottie applegate 2013-04-28 22:54
i moved into giles apts amelia va 23002 over 7 years ago. suddenly after 3or 4years i begin being dizzy memory loss, hearing lost. all sysyoms of black. i have begged landlords to clean it up. leaking windoe a c heater 25 years old. my bedroom became damp. i was ignord. now i am deaf in righ ear. i did not have money to get a layer to file lawsuit
# 2011-03-15 14:01
Thanks, I enjoyed this article. I would also recommend calling ServiceMaster. They provide free estimates to properly fix problems like this, and offer free advice.
# 2011-03-21 18:45
Hi, how are you. We had an indoor room that stayed moist all winter. I have work desk and carpet and tv in room, etc. white mold grew all aalong bottom of desk and on concrete walls. washed with lysol but came back. Is this harmful, because i have been coughing very bad at night and the stinch got so bad we had to keep door shut. we also had a leak in back bedroom ceiling.could this be through the house and is this harmful after 7 months.
# UrthPRO 2011-03-22 00:49
Hi Debra,

It sounds as though your moisture problem is the culprit behind the mold growth in your room. Cleaning in this case may only be a temporary fix. You'll need to fix any leaks and address the chronic moisture issue in order to prevent mold growth.

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, or other problems, it is recommended that you consult your physician and stay away from the affected area until you can get it fixed.

Given the size of your problem, it sounds like you may need to seek professional help to determine a proper remediation plan. If you need any further help finding a professional in your area, or anything else, please let us know.
# 2011-03-21 18:52
Also i was curious, I rent a home and we have siding outside the house. All of the bottom layers of all drywall hav mold all along bottom surfaces. There is rotten wood with chipped paint under siding how do u find out if it is lead base paint or if its just dry rotted. thank you...
# UrthPRO 2011-03-22 00:56
There are a number of home lead-based paint tests available to consumers that can be found at your local hardware store for about $30. Some can be read instantly and work by reacting a chemical with your paint sample and require you to read a color, and others may have you send a sample to an EPA registered lab. Both types of test have their up-and-down-sides, so it is up to you which to choose to suit your needs.

Dry rot is still rot, but is usually caused by a lack of air flow in the space occupied by wood. The simple test is to press on the wood and see if it is moist. If you determine that moisture is affecting the wood, you should bring this to the attention of the building owner as neglect may cause severe damage over time.
# 2011-03-24 00:46
Hi thank you very much for info. well this is how this is turning out.. We told our landlord about the mold problem. They gave us no warnng and came out and demolished the whole room and put a door on it during this past weekend without a permit and we have a porch with 2 4 by 4s holding roof up. they tried to hurry up before health board came. well they suceeded but we took samples and they own alot of property and know a lot of people and no one would help us out. We have never been late on rent or had any legal or neighbor complaints and what do you know, but we woke up today with an eviction notice on our door. I have a 16 year old who had been breathing this mold for 7 mths and landlord said he didnt care bout his tenants his concern was his properties. We are clean people and now i believe we found mold in back bathroom on drywall. Is there anyone not in evansville that we would call to counter sue them for past rent and contaminated furniture that we took pictures of. we go to small claims court the 31st, awful funny they are trying to run us out of here. what can we do and we told our landlord all we wanted was our deposit and past rent for negligence on their part. They new this was a problem i believe when we moved in. Thank you for your time....
# UrthPRO 2011-03-24 15:03
Hi Debra,

We're sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation.

Although we're not attorneys and can't really give legal advice, you should consult an attorney about your particular situation. Most attorneys will listen to your case and offer advice free of charge before they determine if they will act as your counsel.

Ask your attorney about "retaliatory eviction". You may also want to do a google search of the term to learn about what your rights may be as a tenant.

Good luck, and we hope everything works out for you and your family.
# 2011-03-22 22:09
Me and my five children(20ys-2yrs old) live in a rental house. my two year old was just hospitalized for allergic reaction not sure what. My neighbors have informed me that the prior two families were hospitalized for toxic mold. The landlord just went in repainted before they were discharged. How do i find out what is making MY kids sick? im very limited income will anyone test for free? Can i sue him for neglect and endangerment of my kids health? Please help.
# UrthPRO 2011-03-23 15:24

We're very sorry to hear about your situation.

Was there visible mold on the walls that your landlord painted over? If so, that is NOT an acceptable way to treat a mold problem. You should discuss this with your landlord to see if he/she is willing to fix the problem. If not, you may want to consult a local attorney to help guide you through the laws and possible recourse in your area.

Testing for mold at this point may be a moot point, as you have a child showing negative signs of some sort of pollutant/allergen. It is more important to have the problem taken care of than it is to find out what mold(s) may be in your home.

We also recommend you contact your local health department to discuss what further action you can take.

We hope this information helps, and if you need any further counseling please feel free to call or email us at any time.
# 2011-06-21 14:12
I agree that painting over mold is not a valid way to remove it - when mold is present on sheet rock it should be replaced. Air quality tests may still be a good idea, however. Removing colonized mold without removing the airborne spores only solves part of the problem. The spores can remain in the air for a very long time...the spores carry allergens and toxins to your lungs. If spores are still elevated, they can be removed by the use of large air filters and HEPA vacuuming of all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Vickie Swenson, Minnesota Mold Inspeciton
# UrthPRO 2011-06-21 14:27

that is a great point. A high airborne spore count is still a major problem. Air scrubbers (HEPA filters) and externally vented exhaust are great ways to get that spore count down.

# betty 2012-06-04 01:27
i am renting an old house which i think they did this sheet rock because when i vacumed for the first time omg my vacume cleaner was full of this whit stuff that had been in this carpet. i feel sick sometimes, head hurts and feel dizzy sometime also who can i contact to check this out?
# 2011-05-08 00:48
I have had green mold on my walls since august, I am on section 8 housing and complained to the manager, he has done nothing, but in Jan. i got an infection,
in my privates, I have been on antobiotics,
sice than and it is may. my doctor wants me too see an infectuaus doctor too try too end this infection, i called the owner yesterday, and he had the whole wall ripped out today. I`m wondering if this came from the mold, i`m also coughing a lot
# 2011-03-26 01:24
My 2 kids, and my bf and I have asthma. We live in a rental house and have mentioned the mold to our property manager but does nothing about it. She recommended damp rid and humidifier but that doest seem to work. The kids take their nebulizer everyday and I've missed work because of the on going trips to doctors and hospitals to treat the respitory infections. I live in Mt. View on the Big Island, Hawaii. Is there anyone who would be able to provide free services to test and find solutins to get rid of the mold?
# UrthPRO 2011-03-30 13:57
Hi Rowena,

Many times a contractor will come in to do a free inspection of your home and give you an idea of what the course of action needs to be to take care of your problem. In your case, you may want to ask your landlord if they would be willing to bring in a contractor to do discovery type work. If the landlord refuses, you may want to contact contractors on your own and tell them about your situation. Let someone come in and look at and identify the problem areas and tell you what it would take to fix them. If you show your landlord that it's a problem, maybe they will be more receptive to fixing it.

Hope this helps!
# 2011-03-29 00:03
hi, i was hospitalized last yr for almost a month w some unknown seizure like symptoms,memory loss,low blood count,asthma,bl oody noses etc.... we had a leak in our apt. about 2yrs ago 2 times and bathroom shower wall once was growing dark mold now the ceiling in shower has some orange looking spots on it.. could this b all mold related. im seeing specialists like crazy and no one can tell me whats wrong w me but my health is bad..ive now been sick 1 yr and kids get bloody noses alot too. any ideas... thank u.
# UrthPRO 2011-03-30 14:09
There are a number of great resources you can check for symptoms of toxic mold exposure (such as the mayo clinic, CDC, etc.). Many list symptoms which are consistent with the ones you've described. While there's no way to know for us to know sure if your symptoms are related to a mold problem, if you're seeing signs of mold growth it's worth discussing with your physician. There are varying opinions among doctors about the toxigenic effects of mold exposure, so your doctor's prognosis may differ from others.

One thing is certain, if you are seeing signs of mold growth you need to take care of both the problem (moisture) and clean up as much as you possible can.

Talk with a professional restoration contractor in your area as they may be able to help you understand the insurance process and what is causing the problems you're seeing.

Good luck.
# 2011-06-01 05:31
My son's rental house is covered in mold. It's in the walls, inside the cabnets, and window sills. He's lived there for 7 yrs. I just go for a few hours and my chest hurts for days. I'm afraid he's so mold poisioned He doesn't even know it. He works in a Silver Mine and thinks all his problems are from that. His Landload is uping the house up for sale. I'm afaird he going to blame him for the mold. It's old, and a leaky roof, toilet. sinks.
# 2011-06-01 05:31
My son's rental house is covered in mold. It's in the walls, inside the cabnets, and window sills. He's lived there for 7 yrs. I just go for a few hours and my chest hurts for days. I'm afraid he's so mold poisioned He doesn't even know it. He works in a Silver Mine and thinks all his problems are from that. His Landload is uping the house up for sale. I'm afaird he going to blame him for the mold. It's old, and a leaky roof, toilet. sinks.
# 2011-03-30 11:12
I live on the middle floor of a 3 story apartment complex. We had a busted pipe above one of our bedrooms. On our patios there was water leaking as well. The same thing happened to both my neighbors above and below. The management put a dehumidifier in the bedroom but nothing for the patios. Well come to find out the 2 apartments above and below have black mold growing on their patios in the storage closet behind the washer and dryer. The mold was as tall as the appliances. When I checked mine there was just a light green mold all along the base board. Is there a risk for my family? The wall shared with the molded wall is to my daughters room. She has been having nose bleeds and a itchy throat. Could this be related?
# UrthPRO 2011-03-30 14:15

While "black mold" has been popularized by the media (probably because it sounds bad), it is actually just a reference to one type of mold called Stachybotrys chartarum.

Molds come in all sorts of colors, but you can't tell what type they are simply by color.

While it is possible that your daughter is allergic to the mold in your wall, we highly recommend discussing these symptoms with her physician as they could be signs of other health conditions as well.

Speak with your landlord about the mold growth in your closet. Regardless of whether your daughter's conditions are related to its growth or not, you don't want your family living in such dirty conditions.

If you need anything further, please let us know.
# 2011-03-31 22:22
I also have been having a really bad gnat problem and I noticed that there are a lot of gnats outside around the baseboard area where the mold is growing. Could the moisture in there be causing the gnats?
# UrthPRO 2011-03-31 22:28
yes, gnats are said to be attracted to warm moist environments and rotting organic matter - the exact situation which mold thrives in. You may want to discuss this problem with a local exterminator. Some people recommend leaving out bowls of vinegar to which the gnats are attracted, but this is only a temporary fix. You have to fix that moisture problem or the problems will continue to snowball!
# 2011-03-31 00:59
I found a very small patch of mold in a toy cupboard. I have scrubbed, scraped, deorderized, and bleached. I still have a musty smell in my house. Can you tell me how to get rid of the smell.
# UrthPRO 2011-03-31 14:22
Hi Carol. If you can give us a little more information, we may be able to give you better insight on your problem.

Is the toy cupboard built in (i.e. affixed to the wall)? It may be that you have a moisture problem (and therefore a mold/mildew problem) behind the cupboard itself.

Also, is there any moisture/humidity in or around the cupboard? Look for condensation, etc. The mold you saw inside the cupboard may be your problem rearing its ugly head and a sign you have a greater problem lurking in your walls.

Hope that helps, but if you need further assistance let us know.
# 2011-05-02 13:24
# 2011-04-01 14:17
rain and snow caused a leak thru window.contractor cut out 4 x 4 spot under window and founD black mold o sheet rock AND INSULATION. THEY REMOVED now I put a mold testing kit in bedroom and it is growing, have a feeling mold has invaded other walls. just had a cat scan and showed problems with lungs have lived here 9 months i n indiana
# UrthPRO 2011-04-01 14:22
We're sorry to hear about your problem. It sounds like you may have a more serious problem on your hands. We highly recommend finding a mold remediation specialist to come in and do an assessment of your home for mold and moisture.

Good luck!
# 2011-04-09 11:34
Hello. I had mold removal done in my whole house about 5 years ago, it was on the basement drywall. The company that did the mold removal cleaned everything up.........did the whole house. They said I was able to keep the drywall in the basement because it was able to be cleaned off......wasn't rotted through. Know fast forward to about a year ago, I started remodeling my basement and found mold on the back side of the drywall ......called the company that did the mold removal and they said it was ok because it was dead. I still replaced some of it with green drywall boards. Still have a little bit of musty smell......we do run a dehumidifier. I am starting to see black on my ceiling around the edge of the inside of my house and seeing the ceiling joists. Been told it could be "ghosting ", either not enough insulation & burning candles could cause it. The blackness does wipe off with a rag. Please give me your input....thank you
# UrthPRO 2011-04-19 14:24

First off, the fact that you are finding mold on the back side of your drywall means the problem was never properly taken care of. Please note, EVEN DEAD MOLD CAN CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS. So the fact that it's "dead" can be irrelevant. The drywall and/or the cavities behind it were probably not dried out properly when the remediation was being done. You were right to remove the drywall and install new moisture resistant sheet rock.

If you are finding a musty or earthy smell, then you likely still have a moisture problem which is causing mildew or mold to form in places that you can't necessarily see.

When you run your dehumidifier, do you clean out the drip pan frequently, or is it hooked into a drain line? We're wondering if there is a lot of water that is being retrieved from the air?

If there is a lot of moisture in the air, then you may want to have someone come in to take a look at what may be causing the incessant moisture. If this is a below-grade basement, you may have improper grading, poorly functioning drain tiles, holes/cracks in the foundation or walls, or a whole host of other problems.

The blackness that you're seeing COULD be what they are saying, but the fact that it wipes off with a rag is irrelevant. Mold can grow on flat surfaces like drywall and be easily wiped off if you catch it before it grows too deep. You likely need an environmentalis t to come in and take a look at your moisture problem and to help distinguish whether what you're wiping off is in fact just soot or "ghosting", or if you do have a moisture/mold problem. They can bring in specialized equipment like moisture meters and thermal imagers to assess your problem.

Hope that helps, and if you need help finding a professional in your area, please feel free to contact us.
# 2011-05-02 13:23
# 2011-04-23 15:38
I'm living in a rental house and found black mold growing on sheetrock in the basement. It rubbed off on my clothes when I brushed up aganist it. It covers almost half the wall. I painted kills over it. Later I started getting sick. I looked and now the other wall has little black spots on it. I did a self mold test and mold grew like crazy. My clothes are hanging in the basement and my washer and dryer are also in the basement so I'm down there everyday. My concern is could this mold be upstairs and is my furniture safe to be moved? I am 4 months pregnant. Could this affect my unborn child? Please I need some help!!
# UrthPRO 2011-04-24 14:32
Hi Pam,

Have you brought this problem to the attention to your landlord?

Please note that "Kilz" is NOT an acceptable treatment for mold. Painting over a moldy surface does not alleviate your mold problem, it simply hides the aesthetic issues that mold can cause.

It is very possible that your mold problem has spread, but it's impossible to know for sure unless you have a professional mold inspector come in and assess the situation. As for your furniture, you should have a professional upholstery cleaning company treat it regardless to reduce your risk of spreading mold spores as you move. You clothes should also be washed thoroughly and put into plastic bags and moved.

As for your unborn child, while inhalation of mold is not good for you, it should not be harmful to your fetus. Mold can cause damage to your respiratory system, but the baby is not breathing while it is growing in your uterus. Mold does not get into your bloodstream and will not effect the fetal circulation (where the baby gets its oxygen). Don't worry. I would check out your lungs if you are wheezing or showing any signs of respiratory distress. However, the baby should be safe. But you should ALWAYS consult your doctor about issues such as these, after all, we're not doctors.

I hope this information helps, and if you need anything further please let us know.
# 2011-04-29 05:57
# UrthPRO 2011-05-03 13:52

A dehumidifier is probably a good idea if you're seeing moisture. When they install the floor, ask the contractor to check the foundation and ask about sealing it, or possibly installing a vapor barrier.
# 2011-04-29 06:07
Have a son living in Santa Barbara near the beach in a rental with 5 other college kids. They recently noticed that there was mold growing behind their posters. Also, they cannot let their bedding touch their walls or they become really "wet". These 6 boys now all have a bad cough and first thought it was a common cold. As their parents, what would you recommend as a first step to having this building checked to make sure they have not been contaminated and how to get this landlord to clean up his building. The landlord came over today and covered the one bedroom "bad" wall with plastic and is running fans in their bedroom where 2 boys sleep. Do we contact the health dept. or what company could we call to come and conduct testing of the building and the air quality. The boys also complain that the walls are wet and crumble when they tried to hang things. Please help us. They only have 1 more month in this place, but we feel we need to get the message to this landlord to really clean up his act. We recently visited and it smells in this house. Thank you. Worried parents of college students. Also, should we get these boys to have their lungs tested during the summer?
# UrthPRO 2011-05-03 14:03

Your concerns are certainly good ones. If they are seeing that much moisture there is almost certainly a much larger problem than the eye can see.

It is possible that the perceived mold on the walls is caused by condensation and is only growing on the outside of the wall; however, that much moisture on the walls means there is also likely moisture in virtually every area of the room/area...not good!

We recommend you speak with the landlord and let him/her know that you would like to have a remediation expert come in to check moisture levels and overall air quality, and give you an overall assessment of what may be causing the problem (for recommendations on people in your area, email us at info (at) If your landlord is unwilling to compromise, you may want to have a look at this site:
This should to be a good resource for your particular situation. It outlines your rights as a tenant in the State of California.

We hope this information helps, and if you need anything further, please let us know.
# 2011-04-30 19:21
i live in a rental home..2 of my bedrooms flooded recenty,. the carpet in those rooms have been pulled up and now i have this whiteish powdery like mold growing on the concrete floor. it has been cleaned with bleach several times but it imedently starts to grow back as soon as the bleach starts to dry. could this be harmful to my family and should i be concerned that the rest of the house may have this same mold growing under the carpets??
# UrthPRO 2011-05-03 14:16

It is possible, given the rapid "growth" that you are observing, that what you are seeing is efflorescence. Basically, efflorescence is when water evaporates from a salt causing it to crystallize on the concrete surface. This is common on concrete and is not harmful to your health.

Efflorescence, however, can be harmful to your structure. You should consult a masonry professional for recommendations on whether your concrete needs to be sealed.

In the mean time, if it is efflorescence, a phosphoric acid solution should work to remove it (can be found at your local hardware store) and should be cleaned with a mild detergent solution to neutralize the acid.

A quick google search on "efflorescence" should give you some good images to figure out if that is what you are seeing.

Hope this information helps!
# 2011-05-02 13:18
417-693-0851 CELL
# David Snell 2013-04-28 23:00
There is a great group on Linked In
Mold inspectors and mold remediators that has over 1,600 companies on board that you may want to be a part of.
Take care,
David Snell
# 2011-05-02 15:01
I had a fire in my house about a year ago and me my wife and kids have been getting sick like every month.the walls got wet from the fire fighters putting the fire out .the insurance didnt replace but half of the sheet rock . Im just thinking there could be mold from getting wet. What should i do?
# UrthPRO 2011-05-03 14:18

water damage from a fire is a very common occurrence. It is certainly possible that moisture was trapped behind your walls and not dried properly, which could be causing mold to grow in places you can't see. You should find a local remediation expert to come in and assess your moisture levels and air quality. If you need recommendations in your area, please email us at info (at)
# 2011-05-07 09:55
Hello i have a quick question first i have 1yr old and he was on his baby formula sometimes it would spill all over his blankets and pillow lil ny lil it started crating mold so i bought him a new pillow but i was his blankets with bleach does that kill the mold or does it make it worst? The old pillow was stained with the mold so i HAD to toss it out anywho its that bad for him? And what can i do to kill it and prevent it? Thank you for your time on reading this and if i get an answer ;)
# UrthPRO 2011-05-09 12:12
Hello Marisol,

It's important that you clean the blanket and pillow frequently with a mild detergent (like laundry detergent) and try to keep them dry as best you can. Bleach is really not necessary and your primary objective should be to REMOVE any contamination, not just kill it. Dead mold can still cause an allergic reaction and can still affect your baby's health. You should consult with your pediatrician about this issue and make him/her aware of the situation so they can monitor your child's health accordingly.

Hope this helps.
# 2011-05-10 08:21
My family and I have mold on the 1st floor we do not live down there but I know it is coming up from below we have been sick many times even our dog has had ear infections and my wife. I have got anemia and other cold like symptons. My problem is my landlord says oh we just painted and used vsb or some $&@&. We are just barely making the rent on this place and can't afford a new place. What can we do I really want to move but I think the landlord should have to pay us for all the rent and deposit we have payed, Who do i call??// please help
# UrthPRO 2011-05-10 13:10
Hello Rick,

Can you tell us the State you live in? The laws vary by location , but we may be able to point you in the right direction.

The hard reality, however, is that in order to claim damages, you have to be able to PROVE damages. It is really up to the court in your area whether or not mold is affecting your health.

You may have a claim, particularly if you can prove negligence, but it will be difficult.

Let us know.
# 2011-06-02 16:58
We kive in cali. I have been to the doctor nd he said could cause anenia and other perm, damage we are always tired and nose burns oh what to o.. Mold tet for starters????
# 2011-05-14 22:44
it finally occurred to me that my health issues (major memory problem, energy, balance, etc.)might be due to black mold in bdrm closet. i think it's all over the ceiling. Would my home be condemned? On small income - would contractor accept $100 mo., which wud probably be most i could pay. near seattle, wa.
# 2011-05-21 18:20
I know I have mold problems in fact I believe it killed my baby girl a red nose pitbull that became very ill within a week. I took her to the vet and he stated that she had pneumonia and yesterday died from it. I dont know what to do my husband suffers from breathing problems as well I have a cough that wont go away are these causes of mold???
# UrthPRO 2011-05-23 14:38

we're very sorry to hear about your baby, as well as the health problems you and your family are experiencing. It is possible that mold is a cause of some of this, and we recommend contacting an environmental specialist in your area to check you home for an infestation.
# 2011-05-25 21:48
Can you tell me if small white moths come from mold or mildew? My bathroom has flooded the time. After this last time I have been finding white moths in my bathroom & bedroom
# UrthPRO 2011-05-27 14:19
Hello Toni,

we're not aware of moths being attracted to water or mold.

# 2011-05-27 00:55
We moved into a farm house owned by my husbands boss, we noticed some water damage in the ceiling and on a wall in the dining room. His boss hired a contractor to patch the wall and the ceiling. We also wiped down paneling in the basement because of mildew issues. 8 months later we had some awful rains and had anotehr leak in the ceiling and water in the basement all due to a bad chimney patch. There ar3e dark spots in the ceiling and on the wall in the dining room and the the basement carpet smells so bad, we tried to pull a portion up but I was overcome by the stench. What do we need to do to find out if there is mold and could this be the cause of allergy symptoms that we both have now?
# UrthPRO 2011-05-27 14:22

The amount of moisture you've described means you almost certainly have a mold issue, and YES, this may be affecting your allergies. We recommend you bring a remediation expert in as soon as possible to assess both your moisture problem, and how to mitigate the damage that you've already sustained. You may be in a position to claim your water damage to your insurance provider. Work with a contractor knowledgeable of the insurance process and it will make your life a lot easier!
# 2011-06-02 00:21
A couple of questions for the experts -- we've been living in our home for a little over 20 years. The house was built in early 50's. A little over a year ago -- the black mold started to show up under the rims of our two toilets (resembles coffee grounds). I shall use your recommended method of vinegar and baking soda or straight Clorox.

In 2006 our dog passed away. As moving was very hard for her -- I would put newspaper down in our hallway and part of our bedroom every night. I shampood the rug with a combo of PineSol and Clorox every night as well. As the carpet never had a chance to completely dry out -- could we possibly have mold underneath? Husband won't let me pull up the carpeting to check. Your thoughts please. Thank you so much.
# UrthPRO 2011-06-02 04:26
Hi Karen,

First, not sure where you got the impression that we advocate vinegar or clorox to get rid of mold, but neither is terribly effective. We (for obvious reasons) recommend you use UrthPRO (

Second, it is possible that mold formed underneath your carpet if the surface remained moist for extended periods of time; however, if the surface has been cleaned repeatedly and dried out relatively quickly since, you should probably be in the clear. To be sure, you may want to wet the affected area with UrthPRO and let it stand for five to ten minutes and blot until dry. You may also consider using a carpet cleaning machine (most likely available at your local tool rental store), and clean the effected area with UrthPRO and extract any residual moisture.
# 2011-06-03 23:51
I have a Class C motor home, I have re-sealed the roof seams, but I can smell mold, the problem is, the area I believe the mold is in, is inaccessable, to get at it would require destroying & replacing the entire front interior of the motor home, is there something that can be used to "fog" the motor home that will seep into these areas?
# UrthPRO 2011-06-10 15:45

unfortunately there's not much you can do short of taking the wall off and replacing it. We do not advocate the use of "fogging" into wall cavities simply because even if you do "kill" the mold or whatever may be causing the malodor, dead mold can still cause an allergic reaction.
# 2011-06-05 07:55
f foufound a mold spot behind my bathroom sink it only got 3 or 4 quarter sized spots how do i tell what kind it is and how much there is the whole house has a mildew smell thx for your info
# UrthPRO 2011-06-10 15:48

the fact that you found visible mold behind your bathroom sink usually would indicate that the problem is local. You may want to have a plumber take a look at the sink and water supply lines to ensure that there is no leaking, although we suspect that may be the culprit. Clean those spots really well with UrthPRO (, and if they don't go away then you may need to take more drastic measures (i.e. cut out some of the drywall, fix your moisture problem and replace the drywall).
# 2011-06-05 16:18
my wife and i have lived in a mobile home for 15 years my wife been sick ever since with respitory problems the ground underneath is always damp and when we run the furnace or the air cond it smells musty could you recommend someone to call
# UrthPRO 2011-06-10 15:50

email us at info (at) with your exact location so we can better help you.
# 2011-06-27 15:39
We have had an ongoing problem with a smelly bathroom. Started about 3 mths ago. At first it smelled like mildew now it has a sewer smell. We thought it was a problem with the sewer vent. My husband climbed in the attic to look at the vent and found mold. We had lost some shingles from a few strong storms late winter early spring and didn't realize the roof was leaking. Can this be causing the sewer smell?
# UrthPRO 2011-06-28 04:11

It is certainly possible that the smell you're referring to is the stagnant water which is causing mold to form. Clean the affected area and the surroundings very well using UrthPRO, and make sure to get rid of any insulation which may have been affected as well. While you're replacing or fixing the roof, just be sure to keep everything as dry as possible.
# 2011-06-27 22:37
what cause the mold on my church wall, every year for the pass two years we wipe down the wall in the halls that grow mold but every year this time it come back i love my church but i need to know what can we do to made the ' MOLD ' go away for good ?
# UrthPRO 2011-06-28 04:16

Whenever you see mold, there is an underlying moisture problem. Is your church frequently humid? If so, a combination of dehumidifiers, ventilation, and air conditioning can have a great impact on the relative humidity of your indoor environment. A heating and cooling contractor can help you better control the humidity in your church.

Hope that helps, and if you need anything further please let us know!
# 2011-06-28 20:31
Hi, I enjoyed all the comments.
I live in a 2 bedroom condo and last year I notice an odor for a few week, and then I discovered that my carpet was soak and wet. The foam was damage, I went out and brought some cork and I corked the baseboard and it held until and week ago it came back this time in both room, causing harm to my dog. What can I do to live in there mold free
# 2011-06-30 10:30
Help! I live in Cookeville, TN. I have a stairway leading to a bonus room. It is carpeted (could the lower padding be moldy?) The same order can be smelled in the garage after it has been closed up for a while (Does it help to seal the garage floor?). The smell is more prevelant on humid days. Other factors that may or may not be involved include a crawl space (dirt floor) under house (but the rest of the house does not have the odor); dryer vent running under the house in crawl space near the smelly area; heathing and airconditioning unit in crawl space). On the last 6 steps on the lower side, after being closed off by a door, I smell a very strong earthy smell. It is not always present but very prevelant if the staircase has been closed off in the summer. Please consider all the factors involved and tell me what to do. I am at a loss as to what to do!
# 2011-07-29 23:27
i have been living in this apartment for 5years and i started to notice a different in my breathing eyes and my skin i found black mol in my restroom so i went to the store to buy a home molekit the one you pay to have tested i sent a piece of the restroom floor in and it came backstachybotry s4x andhyphal4x is this bad for my health
# 2011-08-14 00:10
Help Please!
I live in a basement and am having issues with mold only in the the extreme hot summer months when there is a lot of rain. It is not throughout the house but only in the two bedrooms where synthetic carpet is. Green and white mold will grow along the bottom of wood furniture and shoe that was left on the floor in the back of the closet was molded. It is not on the walls all. My huge issue is that I am about to have a baby and am worried about the air quality. There is no mold issue in the winter but I am not sure if this could be dangerous. I have lived here for a year and 6 months and have never gottenn sick. It seems to only be on the ground (but not visable on the carpet. We have been adivsed to use a dehumifidier during these hot months. Is that good advice or is it time to move?
# 2011-08-22 12:36
Help!! My family have been living in our home for nearly 27yrs. it was built 70yrs ago. no insulation in walls r ceiling. window units for air. my problem is behind my couch. there is a long window on that wall also. There is black mold on that wall. cleaned it w/ tilex 2months ago an its totaly black on the sheetrock already!! its now just me an my husband. kids grown moved out. i have lupas an no spleen from it. An my husband is going on 1yr remission from lung cancer stage 4. I have now found black along wall in bedroom behind the bed. an where ever furniture outlines outer walls. also my kitchen cabnets are now showing black spots. my husband now has an infection in his chest an has never stopped couphin. my eyes burn an chest hurt when in those rooms. Do you think we are like this because of the mold? an where do I start to straighten this up. from louisanna
# 2011-08-26 17:44
I own an 18th floor condo in a large city, two walls are exterior. I am here only 1 week a month in the last year. I have owned this condo for 5 years and never had a mold problem. Upon arriving this time, granted it was hot and muggy in the space since I dont like to leave the air conditioner on when I am not here. I noticed blackening of the flooring near the patio door, small circular spots on the flooring in other spots (not too many) and some light mold around a couple electric plug ins --(these were all along the same exterior wall. ) I immediately bought a dehumidifier..the number was 68% and ran it for a couple days. I will clean the mold with mold cleaner and check it all when I am back in town. 1. Should I leave the air conditioner on? 2 Where the flooring has become black, is that mold underneath the wood flooring? 3. Should I leave the de-humidifier on full time, draining into the shower? Any answers will help
# 2011-08-30 09:14
Hi. When I moved into my apartment nearly a year ago there was a really musty, strong smelling odor. Even the movers complained about it. Since then, I have been really sick. Headaches, Sinus Infections, Bacterial Infections, Sore Throat, Itchy Nose and the list goes on. The apartment was dirty and dusty when I moved in and I became a clean freak. There has been nearly 5 leaks since I moved here. I've told the management that I have gotten sick from moving here and they haven't done anything. I don't have insurance and have been to the doctor 7 times since being here. I have seen mold on my faucets, constantly in the tub, if I leave fruit out for more than 3 days its rotten, and I have green stuff has just killed my plants. Is there anything legally that I can do, and what steps do I need to take? Please Help!
# 2011-09-02 01:15
I'm renting an appartment for 3 years now, is the 4th floor on top of the building, our roof get floded at winter time every year part of the roof falls for the water and snow accumulation, now mold start to appear in my bathroom, I inform the landlord of the problem and I know of other tenants with the same problem. I'm having healt issues for the same problem, I just want to leave the place, my landlord want to tear appart the wall, but I'm affraid that the spores will get in my clothig furniture etc. they offer other apartment, but I know that many of them have the same problem. The landlord told me the health department will not come to test, so many people are living here at risk. They will not letme break my lease, I want to leave but I'm affraid they will take me to court, please can you help me with this? I'm very concern for my family's and my health thank you so much
# 2011-09-05 00:24
# 2011-09-08 13:55
Where can I buy this URTH PRO
# 2011-09-26 13:59
Hi. We had a fish tank filter leak and caused wetness in the carpeted bedroom, under a wall and into the adjoining hallway. We pulled up the carpet and matting and used a dehumidier until dried (carpet, mat and sub floor (particle wood)). We still have a musty odor in the room. We are going to pull up the baseboard and check the drywall for mold/moisture. Any other recommendations to get rid of the odor?
# 2011-10-04 22:14
I rented a house in NY. After a year,I woke up with Lips & chin swollen and hurt. Went to emergency room thinking I had allergic reaction to an insect bite. They gave me prednisone & benadryl. I've been sick ever since with symptoms worsening. House is full of mold but I never thought that it was the culprit. I ended up with asthma like symptoms, hives, swollen tongue & throat, breathing trouble, and random swelling daily to all different parts of my body, chest pain, headaches, common allergy symptoms daily, restless leg syndrome, trouble sleeping, pain & swollen feet & hands, small sores on my body, red blood blister on my foot, fatigue & pain all over. I've been to Doctors & allergist & tested for allergies, 10 bloodtests, chest x-ray and everything came back normal. They don't know why I'm sick. They say I have a Systemic allergic reaction to "SOMETHING UNKNOWN". I feel like I'm dying and I think the Drs. just think I'm crazy. It took me a month to wean off Prednisone. It stopped swelling but the SICKNESS was still there. I lost my job & just moved out of house, it's over 100 yrs. old and also full of asbestos. My Landlord evicted me for not paying rent. I refused to pay since he did nothing to fix the wet basement, black mold on doors & shower. Mold was growing behind paneling on walls. Roof leaked on drop ceilings. They were black & wet with mold. The smell was so bad that although I was used to it, company said it smelled like sewer. I just moved but I'm still sick and worried now that i'll have health problems that will not get better. The mold might still be in all my belongings. I'm also worried about future tenants since landlord covered up mold when I moved in with paneling and paint. I told him house was making me sick. I now KNOW it was MOLD. I'm scared. If I didn't know dangers of mold & Drs. don't know can anyone really help me? I don't know what to do or where to turn to get justice & health back. PLEASE HELP??
# 2011-10-11 13:03
For the past few years there has been mold on walls in down stairs apartment rather then report it most of the people just moved out now it seems that it happened again and we took action calling the health department and they said there wa@ nothing they could do it wasn't a health department matter. The maintenance department.did nothing they cleaned it off with bleach and are doing the same again. Now they have brougt out paint to cover it all again please help
# 2011-10-12 17:44
Would like to know approx. how long water
can stand in an attic after a rain. Can
water build and just set there are does
it evaporate.


# 2011-10-18 14:08
Hi, I have a situation, my daughter attempted to wash a piece
of clothing in her bathroom sink, which is located upstairs
In doing so, she stepped away for a moment, came
Back and the little sink over flowed, she came and got me, and immediately started putting down towels to dry up the floor, and I notice that drawer caught a lot of the water, so I empty it, the entire bathroom did not get wet, because most of the rugs in the bathroom caught it, be later I found that my younger daughter inside closet was wet around the rim, I pulled out the carpet, and pad, which was not even soak, just damp enough, and sit them both outside, but I'm the garage u can see a water spot, we lived with my boyfriend, and was the cause of a major downstairs flood already, I mean insurance got involve and everything, now this, all of us are scared to death, espeacially my daughter, I put fans inside the closet which really isn't that wet, just damp, but there is a water line on the outside of the bedroom wall, how can I cover that without him finding out, please
Please give me some advice, I am sick to my stomach

# 2011-10-20 18:38
My daughter facuets have slime and mold coming from them. They are on city water and they came out and tested the water and said it was fine.They have a new hot water heater and no water softener. What can cause this problem? Thanks Sheila
# 2011-11-01 01:16
We had a leak in the ceiling in my closet. Mold appeared on the area about 12"x12". Now our leather shoes in the closet are suddenly covered in mold. what should we do?
# 2011-11-05 17:15
We own a condo - middle floor, middle unit in Myrtle Beach, SC. The condo is only used occasionally and when not in use we leave the air set at 80 in the summer and 50 in the winter. We have never seen any visible mold or mildew and there is no musty odor. Everytime my daughter visits she gets a very stuffy nose and swollen itchy eyes. The symptoms improve if she steps outside. We have replaced the carpet, but this didn't help. Could we have a problem with mold between the walls and if so how would we test for and treat for this. Would it help if we ran a dehumidifier in the unit.
# 2011-11-09 06:30
i just moved in a townhouse, after about a week my exposed skin started to itch and burn can that be mold?
# 2011-11-14 12:05
i have black mold that grows around my tub, up the shower wall,toilet,the sink, i'm told its my fault thats its there. i clean the bathroom but its still there. i also have it around my windows,when it rains and in the winter i get water on the inside window seal,and it is black as well. i scrub it all off just to watch it come back. is it my fault that we have mold?
# Jennfer 2011-11-22 18:31
I ran across this site researching black mold for a neighbor that lives in a small apartment infested with black mold. Her landlord is aware of the problem and I have seen it myself,it is horrific! I just learned that her son who shares a bed room w/ her, had a bedroom, until she had to close it off b/c of the mold & terrible odor. Her landlord has sent out a handyman who did not even attempt to go into the closed off bedrooom. What steps can I take to help this woman that has lived in this property for 4yrs?
# milagros ortiz 2011-11-25 14:51
i believe i have been expose to mold but due to i have an a pulmonary clinic Dec. 22 i wont know till then. i need help i already been to the emergency room and to my pcp.where i was very sick. i am still short of breath and dont really feel to good.
# Chante 2011-11-28 17:31
I believe that my family and I have been exposed to mold in my apartment. My AC was leaking inside my unit and I reported to the Maintenance. They came and cleaned the coils and sprayed MOLDEX on the walls of the inside unit. They continue to tell me there is no mold in my apartment. On the bottom of the wall (right on the unit it was wet from the leaking unit. they sprayed some Kilt on it and that was it) Now when my AC comes on it has the musty mold smell and in the guest room (the room right next to the AC unit)it smell like mold. I have been having bad headaches and only time my headaches stop is when im not at home. I have talked to the office manager and she came over and told me she don't smell mold anywhere. My daughter and I have asthma and my daughter even smells it now and having headaches. I reported to the health Department and they told me I have to wait for 14 days. That's to give the apartment a chance to come and take care of the problem. But I don't know what to do about the problem until then.
# Kelly 2011-12-06 18:26
Last November we had a storm to come through and our home had some wind damage to the roof over my sons room. We had 2 roofers to tell us that we needed a new roof. The insurance adjuster came out and said we didnt need a new roof and just to replace those shingles that had gone missing. The roofer put a tarp on it untill we could get things situated with the insurance. During this time(a month), we had more rain. I noticed a slight odor in the room then. Now, we have had a good bit of rain lately. My son had been gone for the weekend and his door was shut. When he came home and went to him room, the odar was horrible. It was a musty, earthy, smokey smell. I know that sounds weird but I cant really explain it. So, he has two closets and one he never opens because it just has old toys and stuff in it. I opened that closet and there was a huge water stain on the ceiling and the smell just about made me vomit. He has asthma and allergies and CAN NOT be in there. I noticed that for the past year, he had been getting headaches and other problems that he has not had before. WHAT DO I DO??????
# Linda Bemis 2011-12-07 19:39
Mold and Mildew are caused by moisture that is present on the surface for fungus and bacteria or viruses to be considered in this matter.Finding the source can be difficult until you see it.
Ring worm is treated by witchhazel but you have to wear gloves.
# Corrine Le Page 2011-12-08 05:33
Hi I am wondering I have mold under the house from dampness as I live at the beach sometimes it gets in to the house and bothers me I have sprayed bleach directly on it but it comes back There isnt a way to control moisture under the house what do you suggest??95dey
# Sharon M Bryce 2011-12-23 17:06
Hi, I had a bad rain back in august of this year, and the ceilin in my second bedroom, water leaked in and was dripping down, I placed plastic under the leak, but it has since turned black in the area where the leak was at. I ended up at the hospital from a black out, and I was wondering weather the mold could contribute to the black out?
# Darleen 2011-12-27 12:01
There is a mold, rats, mildew in my apartment. People keep getting sick. There are no guarantees living here ive seen kids and the elderly keep having lung and breathing problems. I have 5 children to keep getting sick. I am scared very scard because I need a big deal now I feel like I'm being watched feel free afraid. This is not normal.
# Jewel 2012-01-01 14:57
I live in a townhouse and don't go in my basement often. I noticed white water marks along a back wall and a side wall where my house contects to two other townhouses. My neighbor admitted he had water in his basement after I quiestioned him and the other house is empty. I started noticing my husbands starts coughing very bad when the furnaace comes on. His doctor said it could be allergies. Could this situation have caused mold in the furnace?
# rob hyde 2012-01-02 01:21
Hi, I've got a hot antifreeze smell in my apt and i have noticed that black stuff coming from the shower head and kitchen sprayer. is it balk mold whtas causing the smell we have had head aches short breath tell me the possibilities
# rob hyde 2012-01-02 01:23
ive got a hot leaking antifreez smell in my apt and that black stuff coming out of the shower header a sprayer
what is it
# adraine booker 2012-01-09 19:39
hi i went to mc donalds in milwaukee wis and order a double cheese buger after eating half the burger i notice mold on it i took it to the manager and ask what sh thought it was she than said it may be mold i will have my insurance company call u on friday american insur call me and told me its dye but he never even seen it what do i do?
# joel tirado 2012-01-14 05:52
hello I hav ben livin n a rental home for 6 month and my wife startd noticin black mold n certain spots of the house also n my kods closet, we had to trow away new shoes n toys because they started grow n mold on,them my wife n kids wake up every night coughin nmy lil two yr old girl always wakes up thrusty,also shes ben runnin threw diapers lik crazy,our babysitters had an astma attack recently,also everytime I lay down to go to bed I hav problems breathin,i told my landlord abpu it n its ben three weks n no word yet my wifes due nxt month wit my baby boy I dnt wana brake my lease n owe alota money bt im scared to bring a newborn here,wat should I do to b able to leav wit out hav nto owe n all the rent for the remainder of the lease ,we hav piks bt is that enough and am I rite for leaven after a month of tellin da landlord or should I kepp telln him about it and keep waitin,please help
# Harvey Gordon 2012-04-17 04:06
Joel...this was surely a mold issue...most likely related to a humidity problem possibly tied to the HVAC system. I am new to this board and see that your comment went unanswered...what was the final outcome? Are you still in the unit? (Harvey Gordon, Hygienist/Aerbiologist)
# Marlene Nottage 2012-01-18 01:45
About 5 mos. ago I replaced my wall covering in the living room. A few weeks ago, I noticed pinkish spots on the wall near the baseboards.Now the pinkish spots (looks like measels) have appeared about 3 ft.up the wall & seem to be spreading across the wall (this is an outside wall).I immediately had the wall tuck pointed (brick home)checked gutters. Could this be mold? I never had this problem with this wall when old
sanitas wall covering was on the walls.Home is over 100 yrs. old. New wall covering is a type of vinyl.Could this be mold and why didn't it show up on old wall covering?
# sherry 2012-02-03 00:30
was wonderin, when my daughter turned 5yrs old and entered her first yr of kindegarten she wasnt able to breathe vey well wheezing , coughing and such. Ended up takin her to ER they said she had bronchitis, well okay then, then the following month this started up back up and off to the Er once again this time they say it was Pneumonia so here is more of days of kindegarten to miss. well the third time following month came around my daughter was sick once again with same systems. So we are off to the ER and they finally say it was chronic childhood asthma. So here we are 2 yrs later and still with these attacks. Switched Drs and the new Dr referred us to go to an Allergy specialist just recently ..and my daughter is allergic to mucur mold and trees and weeds etc.. We live in apartment that is been built like in the 1955 . and need help to find out what to do. Have been watching my child every night and have her sleep by myside with humidier on. this helps her breathe better. plus in this apartment the carpet has not been change ..the owner will not do so. so thinking of moving but is this the right direction to go? I know i have to get my child out of these apartments. please reply back.. with info
# Harvey Gordon 2012-04-17 04:11
Sherry...first as a dad let me say I am so sorry that you are having to deal with must be so painful. As far as what to do...since I see that you posted this over 60days ago...could you please update me on what you have done since you posted.(Harvey Gordon , Hygienist/Aerobiologist)
# SnellExperts 2012-02-04 19:25
Great site and great content.
David Snell
# Randy 2012-02-08 05:05
Hi. I have signs that there is a mold problem.
leek in wall and another area drywall changing color.
Im a renter with children.
how do we get help?
# Randi Beall 2012-02-10 00:52
I have lived here for 5yrs and for 5yrs I have brought to managers attention water leaking down the wall of the kitchen, bathroom window, bathroom ceiling and walls. Also had black mold the full length of living room and bedroom wall. They came in with bleach, drilles holes for foam insulation and the mmold in my closit was so bad it would not clean so he painted over it. Today the mainteniance man said they are going to replace the balcony off of the kitchen causing water leakage also will fix the damaged ceiling and walls in the bathroom. When he did a small repair today I saw small specks of black mold in the sheet rock in the bathroom. I am on disability with so many problems including 3/4ths of the symtom list. How do I aproch them to do the repairs properly to remove mold etc. and not get them mad. Oregon has a no cause eviction law that I am concerned about. I am VERY concerned for the hidden mold they do not want to look for. There are over 100 apartments here with seniors that can not take care of the problem them selves. Almost 50 to 75% of the apts. have some mold, little or more. How do we get it taken care of and not get thrown out? Oh they mix bleach in the paint and said that will take care of it. YES? or NO?
# Randi Beall 2012-02-10 18:31
Please reply, thank you
# Lavinia Bruce 2012-02-15 21:27
I live in a senior apt. The heat/AC unit was put in incorrectly and the water accumalates in the unit and on top. Last Summer wet, black cruddy stuff was blowing out into my bedroom. The maintenace man cam and vaccumed it out and said it was fine. I think it was mold. How can I know for sure?

# melanie 2012-02-17 06:43
Hi. let me introduce myself as melanie. sorry if i forget about using caps because im on a cell phone writing this because everything i own is in storage. About 4 months ago i had to leave my home due to a mold problem. at first my newborn got sick and then my son. I should have known not to move into the place to startbbecause the bedrooms had no windows onlu skylights. anyway there symptoms went from itching all over especially at night to coughing sneezing runny noses acting really strange etc.. i began to develope symptoms and thought i was loosing my mind. i went out and bought the mold test from a hardware store and it grew pink black white green yellow stuff on it. So i left. i dont know if i coulda sued or should have. my problem is me and my family are still sick. not as sick. but still sick with itching and my son has developed what seems like an adhd problem. i have told our doctors but none of them think testing u for mold is nessessary. i have spent one too many sleepless nights trying to cope with this problem. its heartbreaking for me to see my baby like this with no help from doctors. my question to anybody would be this. what is a good protocal to fix our health issues before one or all of us ends up with some kind of cancer or something. and what should i do to my furnature to clean it. i have mostly wooden furnature. thanx for any advice that can be given. oh. im from philadelphia pa.
# courtney 2012-02-20 06:45
I've lived in an apartment for almost 6 months. whenever I take shower my nose gets stuffy and my eyes start to burn and I can't stop sneezing. Other times I've been in my bathroom (not in the shower) I've gotten bloody noses. This was never an issue before I moved in here. Could these be signs of mold? Should I still live here?
# courtney 2012-02-20 06:51
I've lived in an apartment for almost 6 months. whenever I take shower my nose gets stuffy and my eyes start to burn and I can't stop sneezing. Other times I've been in my bathroom (not in the shower) I've gotten bloody noses. This was never an issue before I moved in here. Could these be signs of mold? My walls frequently have yellow streaks thatwipe away but ways come back. Should I still live here?
# Mary Passmore 2012-02-22 15:18
We had three hurriances in 2004 in Orlando and we had considerable damage in our rental home with shingles coming off, screens destroyed and water coming in the walls. About 1-1/2 years ago, I woke up one morning with horrible headaches and severe dizziness, scared me to death and have had headaches off and on since then, when I leave the house for awhile, they go away, now I am having numbness. There are mold areas all in my house, even around the air vents and on the mold was eating the wall area around the patio door, none of my outside lights work and the mold was coming in a light switch socket....I have told my landlord about this over and over. Also my kids live here with me, they are adults and they have been experiencing some problems also, I am afraid for my 5 year old grandson who also lives here. Does this sound like I have a hugh mold problem in the walls? It is also in the corner carpet area and you can see black in the lights in the house.....
# david johnson 2012-02-23 13:03
what if i have hiv,, and im work in mold,and i fand out that i do not need to ,, i have been in it for a week what do i need to look for ,, ps david ,,
# Cindy 2012-03-16 20:56
We have a single-family concrete/stucco home with a shingled roof that was needing to be replaced, well my husband decided to paint the shingles with some type of white sealant paint used on mobile homes sometimes, hoping to extend the life of the shingles. Well, bad idea, this sealant trapped moisture and caused mold to grow on the plywood and trusses, in the attic. When we got ready to fix the roof, after several people inspected the attic, one a home insurance inspector, and another a roofing contractor, both decided that since the mold wasn't growing that it was okay to leave the existing roof intact and proceed in installing a new metal roof on top of the old shingles, using foam boards between the two, with 2x4 frames to drill the metal onto the trusses. With all this said, I'm really concerned about the mold left in the attic, even though it doesn't appear to be growing now. I've been reading here that dead mold is still toxic. How would we clean this awful mess up in the attic, with all the blown in insulation, plus all the items we have stored up there - we have a large amount of stuff stored up there. Our sons and my husband seem to have respiratory problems, although I'm the one at home the most, I only have a sore throat occasionally. Are there any other symptoms I should be aware of, if this mold is creating a problem for us? How should be go about cleaning up dead mold in an attic, with little ventilation?
# Harvey Gordon 2012-04-17 03:38
Hi Cindy. Mold growth in an attic is normal. My concern is a couple of statements that you make regarding "it is not growing now" and "they said it is not growing" do you know it is not growing? Have you or someone else done viable sampling or used ATP to determine viability? I say this because it sounds like to me that you and they are guessing. Additionally, as to the statement that "dead mold is still toxic"...again, that would mean that it was toxic mold to start with. Was it? And again, since it is in the attic. I expect that their would possibly be "some mold" which would be of a toxic species...but not just because there is mold does it mean it is toxic...and the jury is still out as far as the science on dead mold remaining toxic or allergenic. Lastly, the big issue would be for me, what are the levels in your home and what is the state of draft stopping. Meaning, is the mold in the indoors being drafted from the attic or is it independent of the fungal ecology of the attic. Hope this helps - Harvey Gordon, Hygienist/Aerobiologist (typed crom my IPhone)
# Cindy 2012-03-16 21:05
I'm noticing that no one have responded to comments since 6/28/2011. What's up??
# UrthPRO 2012-03-19 14:43
Hi Cindy, Our apologies for not making this more apparent, but we had some issues with spammers here on our comments area, so we answer all questions through the contact form on the right side of our blog page. Hope that helps!
# Sharon 2012-04-10 14:27
I have rust on my heat element in my bathroom. Its an out side wall. I s the mold or condensation?
# Harvey Gordon 2012-04-17 03:57
Mary...some of what you write can be related to mold presense. I would suggest contacting your local Board Of Health from the county you live in and see if they will send an inspector as this is a rental. Many local governments wil have a health dept inspector that they will send for tenant/landlord issues related to mold. If not, consider hiring a local mold professional. Send me some pics and/or try searching for one at or (Harvey Gordon, Hygienist/Aerobiologist)
# Harvey Gordon 2012-04-17 04:01
Sharon...I'm not sure what you are talking about? Can you give me a better idea?
# Marissa 2012-06-06 02:44
I currently found out my aunt dyed from black mold. Which worryd the hell out of me cause i have 2 yr old and I live in this really old rent house, my house does smell musty but there's no way of tellin if there's any stains on the walls cause they covered it so thick with paint before we moved in, which is very suspicious. I was wandering if theres anything else I can do and how much would a test cost???????????
# Martha 2012-06-24 15:58
Is it possible for Mold to cause someone to get fevers, and vomiting? My nephew and niece (5 and 11) are constantly getting sick with those symptoms. I know their house has flooded a few times and roof leaks. Could these symptoms possibly be related to Mold exposure?
# Martha 2012-06-24 15:58
Is it possible for Mold to cause someone to get fevers, and vomiting? My nephew and niece (5 and 11) are constantly getting sick with those symptoms. I know their house has flooded a few times and roof leaks. Could these symptoms possibly be related to Mold exposure?
# Martha 2012-06-24 16:00
Is it possible for Mold to cause someone to get fevers, and vomiting? My nephew and niece (5 and 11) are constantly getting sick with those symptoms. I know their house has flooded a few times and roof leaks. Could these symptoms be related to Mold exposure?
# Jodi 2012-07-17 16:49
I recently got hit with a chest infection that has lasted over a month. My parents' home was built in '81 and living in a humid part of the country, I'm sure there is mold living in the house somewhere. Because of my getting sick, my father had a UV-C light installed on the A/C. I'm still not better, which I wasn't expecting to happen overnight, but I have actually gotten worse, but I'm not 100% sure it's FROM mold. Does anyone know if the UV-C light kills ALL mold problems (even if the mold is in the crawl space or in the walls where the piping is), or is it like putting a band aid on a deep cut?
# Carol 2012-07-19 21:29
My condo building has a known mold problem. I don't know how extensive it is-legal action has gone into arbitration which is not public. The unit next to mine and also one floor down has serious mold. Am I at risk? I'm on the 2nd floor of a 3-story bldg and there may be roof-leak issues. Should I test my unit and how? I don't see mold. I want to put my unit on the market.
# Robert 2012-07-30 05:15
Hello i drive a semi truck for a living with a sleeper.Ever since i have had this truck i have been sick.It started with a cold now im going on 3 mths have been to the docter several times.They have put me on antibiotics but nothing yet.The a/c in the truck blows humid at times so i have to shut it off cause it freezes up it then drips inside.They have takin chest xrays nothing lungs sound clear but my symptons are wheezing ,asthma symptons was just checked for asthma but no asthma ,shortness of breath i have decided to take sometime off to see if it helps to stay out of truck so far 3 days out today i feel pretty good.Have you ever heard of mold in a/c vents in a vehicle that could get you this sick.Going to the docter on tuesday to get blood work results on allergies.Appreciate any help

Thanks ,Robert
# Keemie Jones 2012-08-15 09:08
I have been experiencing what I believe to be mold in my kitchen above my sink on the ceiling. I live in an apartment complex where there are only two levels to each building. The problem began to surface several months ago and I reported it to Management who in turn came to my unit to assess said concern. Upon her assessment, I was informed that maintenance would need to find out where the leak was coming from. I neglected to mention eariler there had been a water pocket with brown and black discoloration on the ceiling. Every few minutes a drop of water would fall fro the pocket. Within a couplle of weeks, the on staff painter came and scrapped off the pocket. Upon observing the removed portion, I could clearly see that the underside of the removed portio was completly black and fuzzy like. I asked the painter what it was, he acknowledged it to be mold. I had been taking photos since I noticed the discoloration. He then placed it in a paint try and exited my unit. Leaving me to see the hole that the erosion had caused. Upon his return, he patched over the spot with the hole but never removed a section of the drywall to see how far it had spread Several weeks went pass and n,othing had been done to remedy the problem. So when rent was due to be paid I sent a certified letter to Mgmgt informing them that my rent would be withheld until a contractor came out to assess and determine what exactly was the issue. I was constantly being diverted from the issue. The same staff member came and removed a section after the second month of non payment of rent. Still being denied an air test or to an outside contractor assessment. Now we're into month 3 and the section that was removed now had black spots reappearing. I'm.totally frustrated.
# Keemie Jones 2012-08-15 09:08
I have been experiencing what I believe to be mold in my kitchen above my sink on the ceiling. I live in an apartment complex where there are only two levels to each building. The problem began to surface several months ago and I reported it to Management who in turn came to my unit to assess said concern. Upon her assessment, I was informed that maintenance would need to find out where the leak was coming from. I neglected to mention eariler there had been a water pocket with brown and black discoloration on the ceiling. Every few minutes a drop of water would fall fro the pocket. Within a couplle of weeks, the on staff painter came and scrapped off the pocket. Upon observing the removed portion, I could clearly see that the underside of the removed portio was completly black and fuzzy like. I asked the painter what it was, he acknowledged it to be mold. I had been taking photos since I noticed the discoloration. He then placed it in a paint try and exited my unit. Leaving me to see the hole that the erosion had caused. Upon his return, he patched over the spot with the hole but never removed a section of the drywall to see how far it had spread Several weeks went pass and n,othing had been done to remedy the problem. So when rent was due to be paid I sent a certified letter to Mgmgt informing them that my rent would be withheld until a contractor came out to assess and determine what exactly was the issue. I was constantly being diverted from the issue. The same staff member came and removed a section after the second month of non payment of rent. Still being denied an air test or to an outside contractor assessment. Now we're into month 3 and the section that was removed now had black spots reappearing. I'm.totally frustrated.
# Brittney 2012-09-05 21:50
We just started renting a home that has been closed up for 2 years. I noticed that there is mold all down stairs but I feel weird like my face is burning I'm constantly sleeping and recently started coughing but I'm the only one that is appearing sick I have no clue what todo
# David 2012-09-05 21:54
I found a group on Linked In that was very helpful called: mold inspectors and mold remediators.
They even give out door prizes.
Thank you,
# george 2012-09-14 06:06
HELP!!! I have TWO issues...I have what I would consider a small mold issue in a basement where I have one wall that is below grade, and that wall WEEPS from time to time, when the basement humidity gets high. Mold is present after a few days is the humidity stays high in the basement, and that wall sweats...the basement is all cinder block....
The second issue, and I am VERY concerned about this one is, I noticed mold or mildew growing on some of my BOOKS that are on bookcases down there...they are at least 20 feet from the weeping, sweating wall...What should I DO about the wall...and waht should I do about my BOOKS!
# Will 2012-09-27 08:46
Okay i am a caregiver and noticed black mold at the botton of 3 basement walls in clients home. I was upstairs the other day and felt like i had swallowed something in the air...when i got home i noticed red patches on my upper chest and neck areas... i asked my client (who has breathing issues) to call Servpro.....still waiting...what can you do as a caregiver to protect yourself from mold???? Thanks
# S harless 2012-10-30 17:19
I have a new home almost 4 mo olld. 3 wks after moving in, I noticed a smell, like mold, starting right at the half wall of my shower. Tis is where the turn on valve is. The smell has intensified daily and is one being smelled outside in mbr and fr now, although we can not see evidence of mold in shower walls or surrounding areas w/a camera. We can't even identify exact area other than when u open door and it hits you by the shower. What would you suggest doing?
# Tammie Neely 2012-11-14 14:36
I just moved in this home about two Weeks ago but my daughter and I both developed an upper respiratory infection and it hasn't gotten better when you go in the basement the floor is wet in certain spots but there are lots of asian water bettles down there what can I do never went through this before all I know I'm very sick
# Pamela 2012-11-29 00:42
I have a mold problem so bad that green fuzz invade the two bedrooms and it took me 2 weeks to clean it. It has come back three times in my and my sons room. My son is allergic to mold. I reported it to the health department so the agency I rent from came to inspect which I have clean everything but I did take pictures of all the things that had to be thrown out from the damage. It has been a frustrating process so now my neighbor came to me and told me her 21 year old is having heart problems and that the doctor mentioned mold so now I found out that we need to join forces with other neighbors who are dealing with same problem as you can see the mold all over there blinds in the windows in order to get the problem taken care of. I also need to contact a Micro Biologist so can test to see what kind of mold. With joint forces with the other neighbors might get attention.
# mike 2012-11-29 19:55
I Ben living in an apartment am my landlords been refusing to let me break my lease from mold it's black fizzes and yellow wet on the wall they been recovering with paint every year so u can't c it,I been getting very sick throwing up flu like symptoms and I been rushed to the er many of times my landlord laughs at me. I came to a doc an they said it caused asthma . We had tests done there is mold but it says not harmful to many ppl now can I still break my lease with out being held accountable for the remainder of my lease or not? I have a two year old son who has also been very I'll from this matter please help me
# mike 2012-11-29 19:57
I Ben living in an apartment am my landlords been refusing to let me break my lease from mold it's black fizzes and yellow wet on the wall they been recovering with paint every year so u can't c it,I been getting very sick throwing up flu like symptoms and I been rushed to the er many of times my landlord laughs at me. I came to a doc an they said it caused asthma . We had tests done there is mold but it says not harmful to many ppl now can I still break my lease with out being held accountable for the remainder of my lease or not? I have a two year old son who has also been very I'll from this matter please help me
# JANAE 2012-12-01 19:45
I was renting a ground-set manufactured home in Arizona while we experinced excessive rain fall in July and August. The property did not have good drainage and no rain gutters on the house. Most all the rain water drained under the house. We started to smell mildew in the master bathroom and started to noticed the floors looking damp. Very quickly mold became visible and covered the floor and started up the walls.
We moved out and the landlord kept $750. of our deposit money claiming that we over-flowed the bathtub.
We tried to explain that it was indirect water intrusion from rising damp from the rain water that drained under the house. We are being sued for water damages. How can we prove that we did not cause the mold growth and are there any sources that can help us prove that mold can be developed from moisture under the house?
# Mekka 2012-12-12 12:55
Can mold cause invisible/tiny white bugs to live on your body?
# William 2012-12-28 23:40
Can mold cause shortness of breath, and flu like symptoms in your chest?
# Nana Aseph 2013-01-29 15:29
keep getting black stuff in my denture cups. Have repeatedly bleached but keeps coming back. I suffer from simular syptoms as above, but have other health issues and am not taken seriously by landlord or clinic. can't afford mold testing.
# Mary Ellen 2013-02-24 07:36

Ok, I get it now, black mold forms when there is no air to circulate in the room or between the panes of the windows. We love our landlords, thank you for them, but this is incredulous. I have asked my hubs, many times, do ya think we are sick because are heads bump up to the windowsill as we are not fancy and cannot afford a headboard. Even if we could, that stupid mold would still be concealed and growing.....

Now, I know we are sick with the coughing, sluggish manner, no energy, and just pretty much worn out after no sleep of tossing and turning. This has never happened to us. We live in Northern MI on the West side of the state.

UrthPro, do you have help for us, how do I get in between the old window panes, also grows in the bathroom, where now I know that CLR is not the answer. HELP, SOON, we are late 59ers.

# shawn Nelson 2013-02-28 16:45
I was wondering if bleach would help with mold.
# shawn Nelson 2013-02-28 16:51
Is bleach a solution for mold
# Jenny Hill 2013-03-23 01:34
I have some chronic health issues that have been going on for almost 3 horrific yrs now. DESPERATE need of anyone willing to help as I am beginning to lose hope. Single mother of 2 boys who also have many of the same symptoms just not as progressed & intense(YET). 2 yrs ago we moved into our brand new home that we had built. I do not believe that the house itself caused our illnesses but instead the belongings that we brought with us b/c my symptoms first began in our prior home. We have had an H.E washer &dryer for 4 yrs & I never knew that there was a debris filter that was supposed to be cleaned every 2 wks. Felt that our clothes were not clean & lint balls on every item caused itchy skin. Filter was full black slime mold & floating in the residual water from the most recent load. Please let me know if my suspicions could in fact be because of the EXTREME AMOUNT molds we were washing our clothes in daily? My symptoms include, depression, chronic fatigue, brain fog/poor concentration, extremely itchy skin, burning skin along jawline & neck, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, extremely excessive dead skin cell build up all over entire body that is also grayish blue in color, occasional abdominal pain, dark color urine with lots of tiny bubbles, constantly removing crystal like boogers from right along my nasal passages as well as ones very long soft but are grayish green & some blue, chills cold but my skin is hot, smelling an odor with a distinct smell of old metal. I had blood work done to test for anything out of the ordinary but at that time my symptoms consisted of fatigue, itchy skin, & irregular bowels. The results were normal other than a slight elevation of my white blood cell count. Diagnosed possible irritable bowel syndrome. I can't be the mother I need & must be feeling sick on a daily basis. My Dr. also even gave the suggestion of seeing a psychiatrist!. Any advice would be MORE than appreciated. Thank you and GOD Bless!
# Patricia Nobles 2013-04-15 20:41
I moved into a brick house in the country a year and half ago and it was built in the early 70's and had been vacate for 6 yrs before we rented it. My son and gerandson live here ,too. we moved in on Sept. 1 2011. In Jan 20012, I started to get spasms,headache s nosebleeds. I was diagnosed with mild copd in 1994 and had a breathing machine to use as I needed to. I probably had to use it 4or5 times a week and was checked regurly by my Dr. Now, since I moved here I have been in the hospital 2 times and been very sick with my breathing. I told my landlord, I thought maybe ther was mold in the house because of a smell that smelled like a load of clothes left in the washing machine for a day or so when we turned on the air conditioner and our vents are on the ceiling and there in a patch of black on ceiling around the vents and out on the white ceing for about 2 feet in every room. the landlord said it was in the furnace and ours is a heat pump kind and he brought a air condition man out and he said it was moisture on the coils and should be sprayed with lysol before using. It hasn;t helped and I believe there is mold in the attic,but landlord won't check. I am sick right now,and have to go to hosp.I have a lot of the things wrong with me, but mostly the coughing,wheezi ng and breathing. been this way since Easter. Do you think it could be Mold? i have no immune system.
# David Snell 2013-04-16 05:45
There is also a group on Linked In called mold inspectors and mold remediators that has over 1,600 companies in it to help you about mold if you want to check it out.
Take care,
# Misty Cloutman 2013-05-23 17:48
My aunt and I were taking wall paper down where it was leaking. When I wet the area where it had been leaking black stuff was oozing out of a crack in the plaster. would this be black mold?

# davies 2013-05-31 02:07
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# daddysangeleyes 2013-07-05 18:48
I really need answers if anyone can help.I been sick for years.Burning itchy eyes,scalp,pain ful ears,heavy legsand face, eye discharge and lesion.I suspected mold, just moved in february never got any better.Found out there was mold where I use to live.I have not lived there for 5 months now.I not better and I have been to nine doctors.They think I'm crazy.Only two test were ran a CBC showed my white blood cells high and a catscan...If it black mold poisoning what can I do and will this be permanent?everyone thinks I'm crazy because I look okay.But I'm not..please respond.Thank you.p.s. How can I check my furniture...Thank you.
# hayleigh 2013-07-14 21:58
Hi I've been living in our groundfloor flat for nearly 2yrs and had nothing but truble with damp and mould problems,its start around 6months of moving in with our little girl been born at 28wks premature it was a bad consern for me and my partner,the council have been out loads of times but the problem is still there and now we dnt no who 2 turn 2 after they were saying it was condensation which we could see it was rising damp and all our belonging have been ruined pleas help !
# John 2013-08-25 18:46
Hello! We had a slab leak at our house with quite a bit of mold. We hired a mold remediation company that came in a did a good job removing all the bldg materials and cleaning the area (closet under our staircase). It is now 6 months later and we are still smelling a "moldy odor" that is dank and we cannot get rid of it. It is an enclosed area, but even if we air it out, it still smells. We did receive clearance testing after the remediation, but I am not convinced it is gone. Any idea what could be causing this odor to persist? Any recommendation as to how to get rid of it?
# Jennifer 2013-09-05 05:22
Hello! We bought a 1927 piano that smells a little musty. I have found what looks like black dust on the under side on a ledge. Almost looks like soot. Could this be mold? It wipes off and leaves the cloth black.The piano was rebuilt before we bought it. Thank you!
# DaveB 2013-09-05 16:05
I can smell mold in our bedroom especially when the air conditioner is running but we have no water or black spots anywhere. I can only go by the smell. No other rooms in our upstairs or downstairs has the smell. Could the smell be coming from outside of the house?
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